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This guy is not just a great martial artist, but a very successful actor overall. I’m glad he’s one of few actors that doesn’t need his martial arts to get any major roles. He started big with a part in the late Michael Jackson’s video, Bad. From there he took on some great roles like the drug lord, Nino Brown, in New Jack City (one of my personal favorites). Today, we’re going to get a little taste of why he’s an excellent action star. Here are 8 great moments with Wesley Snipes:

1. Game of Death

Game of Death was one of the last films Wesley Snipes did before his stint in prison. This was not a bad action sequence between him and Gary Daniels. I always wondered how people can fight in full suits especially to that degree. Snipes does some solid locks, grabs, and bone breaking techniques to take the match. The chop to the windpipe and neck break was a great finish, by the way.

2. Raw Brawl

They honestly don’t make raw in your face fights like this anymore. This scene from Money Train shows that Wesley Snipes is a man not to be messed with at any time. Those goons were like hitting flies with a fly squatter. He didn’t even really go into his deep martial arts catalog. It was more like punches to the body and face first into the ground. Well, maybe that one knee and one spin kick counts for something :). Either way, I would not want to be on the business end of those punches and kicks.

3. Fights With Cops

I’m actually amazed at the hair style Snipes rocks in this film. It’s very space, futuristic-like, indeed. Besides the blond color, I can see he has almost the same style he rocks in the Blade movies. In this scene, he plays a psychopathic character named Simon Phoenix. In this particular scene, he takes down a number of cops using his wit, character, and martial arts. It’s also funny when actor Rob Schneider says, “We’re not trained to handle this kind of violence!” This is a funny action scene from Demolition Man.

4. Dances With Vampires

Snipes plays Blade, a half human and half vampire, who is a vampire hunter. He pretty much hates the vampire blood in his veins. He feels that he’s doing his part by taking out full breed vampires. Blade doesn’t necessarily have the same ailments as his counterparts due to his half human makeup. However, he does fight with his craving to feed on blood. Blade is a minor character in the Marvel Comics universe, but the Blade film certainly help re-surge Marvel into a dominant film dynasty. This was one great fight due to the gun play and fighting tactics of Blade. Enjoy!

5. Final Shootout

This is the final fight of Snipes’ 2000 film, The Art of War. I have to say it was a film I rather enjoyed and was perfect for coming out right after the Y2K buzz died down. The bullet dodging via The Matrix, hand to hand combat sequence, and Snipes’ Capoeira based movements made this quite the dynamic fight scene. Overall, not a bad flick.

6. Car Chase

Snipes plays a mysterious car thief named Alex Tulliver who ends up on the wrong side and actually car jacks a Sergeant. This is a rather thrilling car chase through the streets of Bucharest, Romania. You don’t really see Snipes in car chases so I thought it’d be cool to see how this was shot. The part where Snipes makes the Sergeant get out of the car was quite hilarious as well. Not a bad scene from 7 Seconds.

7. Enter: Blade II

Now this was an incredible fight between Blade and Nomak in Blade II! Sword techniques, grappling, rolls, and crashes. It was quite dynamic and impressive I’ll say. It’s very important to see how neck and neck this fight was right to the end. Blade was definitely getting his butt kicked in the beginning due to Nomak’s ridiculous strength, but Blade hung in there and stabbed him with his patented sword.

8. Stellar Fighting Style

I could pick one scene from Blade: Trinity, but these will really show the type of caliber Snipes has a well rounded fighter. From the choreography, the bone crushing hits, the mystique of Blade, and just all of the gruesome fighting, this set of work has all you need to fully keep your attention. Great, great body of work here. Take a good look!

Wesley Snipes has quite the career starting from the mid 80s all the way to the present. It’s unfortunately that he was out of the game for a few years, but he’s back with a vengeance. He’s on board to star in The Expendables 3 and Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel. I’m looking forward to seeing this come back hard and ready to deliver us the good ol’ butt kicking we deserve!

What are some of your favorite Wesley Snipes scenes? Drop a note below!

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