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Mortal Kombat is a fighting game by Netherrealm Studios (formerly Midway) that premiered in the arcades in 1992. This change gobbler of game became very popular due to more of a raw and realistic look mixed with fantasy. After the release of Mortal Kombat II (MKII), Hollywood wanted a piece of the action. In a deal with New Line Cinema, there were two major films released: Mortal Kombat (1995) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997). While fans and I would agree that the first movie is much better and truer to the storyline, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation did have some good moments. Here are 9 fights you’ll like from the Mortal Kombat series:

1. Liu Kang vs Sub-Zero

This was a great fight in part to Sub-Zero showing some incredible acrobatic stunts such as his wall flip and some of the connected kicks to Liu Kang’s face. It was even funny when Sub Zero did a nice series of tumbling down the ramp and Liu Kang just responded with a simple jump and kiai. What made this scene really special is Sub-Zero created a huge ice force field in an attempt to freeze Liu Kang. If you know anything about Sub-Zero’s ice attack, it’s very cold to the point where it burns. In a last minute reminder of what Kitana said about the element which brings life, there was a water bucket Liu Kang used to create a huge icicle to impale Sub-Zero and freeze him to death. This was one of the best fights of Mortal Kombat.

2. Johnny Cage vs Scorpion

Before I even get into the fight, the Scorpion in Mortal Kombat was the same one that was played by martial artist, Chris Cassamassa, in the Mortal Kombat: Conquest TV series. This was a dynamic fight starting with Scorpion doing his signature “Get over here!” special move. Johnny Cage was luckily able to dodge Scorpion’s deadly serpent. However, Scorpion warped them both to his lair in the Netherrealm. Scorpion showed some brutal and dirty fighting. Cage was a bit more clean and refined but still held his own. In the last part of the scene, Scorpion took off his mask and performed his fire breathing fatality. Johnny Cage shielded himself in the nick of time and used the spiked shield to defeat Scorpion. Before the scene ended, Cage added insult to injury by giving Scorpion an autographed picture before the scepter’s death.

3. Liu Kang vs Reptile

Reptile is a reptilian-humanoid from the realm of Zaterra. Reptile has the power to blend into any surface due to his chameleon-like abilities. When he merged his reptile form to his old humanoid body in Outworld, it turned into glorious fight. The Kung Fu and monkey style of Reptile was a great contrast to Liu Kang’s own Shaolin style. What really set the scene off was the end where Liu Kang performed his bicycle kick special move from MKII in this scene. He also destroyed the reptilian form of Reptile before he could get away. I still wonder where in the world Cage went off to when Reptile surprise attacked Liu Kang. Overall, one of the best fights of Mortal Kombat.

4. Liu Kang vs Smoke

This was quite the scene. In Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Liu Kang and Kitana travel to find Nightwolf but a cybernetic Smoke wants to foil his plot. Kitana ended up taking down some of Shao Kahn’s extermination squad by wielding her infamous curved blade fans. Smoke ended up becoming a bit too much, but the younger Sub-Zero saved the day in a way to help Liu Kang and Kitana save their world from Shao Kahn. It was revealed that Kahn reprogrammed Smoke to target Liu Kang instead of Sub-Zero.

5. Sub-Zero vs Scorpion

From the double serpent “Get over here!” and ice statue, this was one of the best fights, period! Sub-Zero (Lin Kuei) and Scorpion (dark scepter) in an incredible that truly tested their abilities. I was in complete awe! This was a well thought out and well choreographed fight. It was an excellent ploy by Scorpion to kidnap Kitana and bring her to Kahn’s tower. Overall, this was a nice plot twist in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

6. Cyrax vs. Jax and Sonya

Sonya goes to look for her partner, Jax, in a laboratory while he is currently getting detachable cybernetic enhanced arms installed to his body. Cyrax, another cybernetic ninja from the Lin Kuei, was sent to destroy them both. This was a great fight that showed off a newer character such as Jax in the forefront. Sonya also handles herself very well battling some of Kahn’s extermination squad. Cyrax performs his electric net special but Sonya kicks one of her foes into the net just in time. There was a lot of great teamwork and Sonya performed her trademark “Kiss of Death” fatality to finish off Cyrax.

7. Rayden vs Two Reptiles

Rayden holds it down nicely by learning how two reptiles work together to fight. This is one of my favorite scenes because of the fast movements, dynamic corkscrews, and great Capoeira moves displayed. Even as a mortal, Rayden shows why he’s a top notch fighter and does not need his powers or immortality to prove his usefulness. For a thunder god over thousands of years old, he sure fights as if he’s barely 30 years old. What an excellent scene from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

8. Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung

Yes, the final bout of the first Mortal Kombat movie! This scene showed Liu Kang facing his enemies (the souls of ancient warriors), his fears (facing his destiny by fighting Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat), and his own blame (Shang transforming into Liu Kang’s brother, Chan). It was a great emotional scene that showed Liu Kang had a lot of courage and belief in himself. Also, the fireball to the pit fatality was a nice touch.

9. Liu Kang vs Shao Kahn

The final showdown in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Between the dialogue, the intensity of the scene and the animalities, this was a solid performance. After breaking the sacred rules of the elder gods, Kahn became mortal. Liu Kang was able to foil Kahn’s plot of merging Earth and Outworld together. The flip kick at the end was also a great touch. Rayden became an elder god due to his services and the sacrifice of giving up his immortality to save the human race.

With the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy and a full length reboot film on the way, it’s safe to say that Mortal Kombat has a bright future ahead.

Were some of your favorite scenes in the Mortal Kombat films? Leave a note below!

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