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In MMA, due to its no-holds-barred nature, a lot of shocking things usually happen. Although no reported deaths yet, except maybe in some unregulated matches, fighters do get knocked the*blip* out, break bones and have violent seizures. You know…like your typical day at the office.
Here are some examples of shocking finishes that you can also do to impress your girlfriend, except maybe the last one.

1. Reverse Elbow

Anderson Silva is such a magician, you’ll never guess what form of punishment he’ll pop out of his bag of tricks. In fact he’s such a talented (albeit psychopathic) striker that you’ll find him in this list several times. The first one here is his fight with Tony Fryklund at Cage Rage 16 back in 2006.  Unfortunately for Tony nothing was enough to prepare him for the malevolent things that come from the void of Silva’s deadly mind. Around the 2 min mark in the first round Anderson countered Tony with a reverse elbow right on the chin! Elbow?? Reversed?? What the hell???

2. Scissor Sweep to Heel Hook

Back in Pride Anderson was already showing his potential as a world champion. But on Pride Shockwave 2004 Silva faced Ryo Chonan and lost unexpectedly. Anderson was the superior striker and he dished out a year’s worth of punches on Chonan’s face until Chonan decided he had enough. On the 3rd round Chonan caught Anderson with a scissor sweep (someone was playing too much Streetfighter?) and finished Silva off with a heel lock.

3. Flying Armbar

A submission is rarely used as an early finisher because you’ll be eating punches and kicks before you can do anything else. But in the case of Rumina Sato at Shooto – Devilock Fighters he used an arm bar to win quickly… I mean REALLY quickly. In the opening round Sato quickly closed the distance and got Charles Diaz in a clinch. And on the Six second mark of the opening round (that’s right SIX SECONDS). Sato flips over, pulls Diaz’s arm and makes him tap before they reach the ground. Wow!

4. Cage Walk Kick

Ninja’s do exist. We caught one on video and his name is Anthony Pettis. On WEC 53 Pettis decided to reveal his true identity during his fight with Benson Henderson. After a few exchanges Pettis WALL WALKED to Henderson to deliver a super kick from hell! Technically not a finishing move but he did win the fight.

5. Body Slam

It takes a really violent mind to think of the effing floor as a good tool to K.O. an opponent. But when Rampage fought Ricardo Arona at PRIDE Critical Countdown 2004, no one called him crazy. Early in the fight Arona pulled guard as way to suppress Rampage’s superior striking. But what he thought was a good idea quickly turned to something he’ll regret for the rest of his life. At the moment when Arona sealed the triangle Rampage picked him up and brutally slammed him to the ground.

6. Capoeira Kick

Capoeira is a dance. It doesn’t belong in sport. Tell that to Keegan Marshall who was at the receiving end of Marcus Arelio’s spinning Capoeira monkey kick of death! On the first round after Marcus warmed up, he dished out two spinning Capoeira kicks in succession. And when the last one landed on Marshall’s face, everyone new Capoeira belonged in MMA.

7. Crane Kick

I didn’t realize until UFC 129 that Mr. Miagi was already training UFC fighters. Ok maybe that was just Machida’s dad. But anyway Machida showed he was the Real Karate Kid when he successfully executed the Crane Kick that knocked Couture out. Machida proved two things that night: one that Karate was there to stay and two you can use Karate without looking as stupid as Ralph Macchio. It was pure awesomeness!

8. Front Kick

Anderson Silva revealed to the world his secret weapon during his preparation for UFC 126. No it wasn’t the Front Kick. It was Steven Seagal. Quite an unusual situation it was but it made it hard to figure out what Anderson Silva was going to do when he faced Vitor Belfort. Well he surprised everyone and more importantly Belfort when he hit him with a front kick to the chin. Vitor didn’t know what hit him until he was down. And as for Seagal? He uttered “my work here is done” and rode off into the sunset like the cool Hollywood star that he is.

9. Spinning Kick

There have been a lot of cases in MMA and UFC where the spinning kick was used effectively. But none of those compare to the level of extreme that happened on TUF 17 during the fight between Uriah Hall and Adam Cella. It was the “nastiest” knock out as described by UFC President Dana White. It was the usual feeling out session during the opening round but all of a sudden Uriah breaks off script and lands a perfect spinning kick on Cella’s head, like he meant to say “get out of my face!”

10. Double Knockout

There’s not much information surrounding this last entry but what happened there deserves special attention due to its shock value. Aaron Britt and Brandon Alexander proved that in MMA anything goes. At some point during the fight Britt and Alexander both released a straight right that landed at the same time. I think the win should belong to the last guy to hit the floor but of course the fight was decided a draw. Will we ever see something like this happen again? Probably not for a long time.

Remember the point of finishing a fight in shocking fashion is to end up on top, not on the bottom or going through a seizure.

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