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In a street fight the main objective is to end quickly. The longer the fight lasts the higher the probability of serious injury. So with that in mind let’s take the most effective finishing moves we see in MMA and see how it fairs in real life situations.
But in case you’re not convinced of MMA’s effectiveness in a real street fight here’s UFC Fighter Roger Huerta (UFC Fighter) leveling a Bouncer twice his size.

Now that’s done here’s our 5 most devastating MMA moves that can help you win a street fight

1. Thigh Kicks

Unlike the head kick you do not need Mr. Fantastic’s groin to execute this correctly. Just throw your hip around at a 45 angle or as high as your waist. Then crash your shin on the middle of your opponent’s leg. This kick will tear leg muscles and damage nerves. Getting hit with this kick feels like watching cute bunnies frolic in the garden under a sunny blue sky (sarcastic).

Here’s an example of someone who’s mentally handicapped trying to be physically handicapped.

2. Overhand Right

The overhand punch is the most effective tool to get rid of annoying people. But alas if you do this to anyone other than from self-defense the law will get rid of you.

In this video the guy does not step in like in a traditional overhand punch, instead, for leverage he grabs the waist of the other guy and KABOOM!

3. Standing Guillotine

This move makes your opponent look like a chicken who’s head is about to come off. No matter how big he is if you catch him in this hold you’ll soon feel him drooling all over your arm. This move was most famously employed by Jon Jones on his title defense against Machida. In this video the cop is able to suppress a bigger criminal by using the guillotine choke.

4. Rear Naked Choke

This is a simple move. Just wrap your arm around your opponent from the back and squeeze. Squeeze like your hugging your best friend… who cheated on you with your wife. Squeeze hard.

Here’s a video of pro wrestler Shawn Daivari squeezing the living hell out of this would-be criminal. Looks like wrestling ain’t fake after all!

5. Soccer Kicks

Not legal in the UFC but legal in a number of fight leagues most popular of which was Pride. It is also another fight ender plus the only risk in soccer kicking an opponent is the chance of landing in JAIL or catching the eye of a talent scout and landing a lucrative soccer contract (maybe not). In this video the kid did one too many soccer kicks which further illustrates the point.

But the most awesome move of all is to WALK AWAY and leave the fighting to the pros.

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