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Lateef Crowder is a rising star in his own right. With a great background in Capoeira and stunts, he easily steals the action sequence whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy. He brings a certain character and charisma on stage that is incredible and makes the scene so much more intense. Between his action sequences with Tony Jaa and Darrin Henson (to name a few), he can also hold his own with the more household actors. Here are 7 great scenes with Lateef Crowder:

1. Lateef Crowder vs Boyka

Undisputed 3 was a pretty great action flick. This scene was Boyka (Russia) and Crowder (Brazil). This was a really dynamic fight between both opponents. Crowder had the speed, dexterity, and movement while Boyka had power, stability, and grappling on his side. One weakness that Capoeira has is the grappling techniques. If you don’t have solid parries or take downs, it’s hard to win a fight against those who possess all of these fighting tactics. There were a lot of great moves, combinations, and tricks that made this short action scene great. Take a look below:

2. Stealth Fighter – The Kick Test

I like the idea of the scientists comparing different fighting tactics of how speed and force are created, but I think this would prove better in different circumstances. For example, a front kick in Karate would probably be better if the enemy is coming toward you rather than you being the one on offensive mode. However, I do like how they break down Crowder’s kick in the sense that it does disguise a lot of its force. Also, it does provide a lot of stability due to the hand and foot placement. While it does come out a bit slower than Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do, you have to put it in the perspective that this will be hard to read, which makes the kick a bit deadlier. Check out this scene from National Geographic Fight Science: Stealth Fighter – The Kick Test (Capoeira, Karate, Muay Thai & Tae Kwon Do).

3. Once Fallen

In this particular scene of Once Fallen, Crowder is in more of a raw street fighting style. You can tell he bulked up a bit to fit the role. I really wish he would’ve taken this fight, but those submission holds and locks were no joke. Will we ever see him win an on-screen fight? I really hope so! He deserves at least that much.

4. Capoeira x Supah Ninja

I know this is a bit kiddie but the concept of Supah Ninjas was pretty great and it was on Nickelodeon of all channels. You can’t fake on George Takei as the cyber grandpa; that’s pretty bad ass! I wish this show lasted more than two seasons because you don’t really see positive yet cool martial art shows these days for kids. This had some pretty decent fighting and you could see Crowder becoming mainstream as he’s in a kid’s show on a very popular network. It’s also funny how his boss is Christopher Reid (Kid from Kid N Play) and he’s sort of a rap villain.

5. Prey For More

This is by far one of my favorite scenes from Tom Yum Goong. Tony Jaa and Lateef Crowder both do some amazing stunts and choreography. I love Crowder’s character as he really gets into Jaa’s head, which is pretty hilarious. He taunts him and uses some slick Capoeira tricks to outsmart Jaa. However, Jaa takes a moment and starts finding Crowder’s weaknesses. He exposes them very well and even mimics him to a certain point. That flare Jaa did was pretty nice by the way.

6. Baraka vs Johnny Cage

In this more realistic reboot to Mortal Kombat, Baraka is actually a sadistic killer that was once a physician. He installed 10 inch blades in his forearms and was quite the fighter. It was great seeing Crowder do weapons mixed with the nomadic instincts of Baraka. He played the character quite well. In addition, the extreme martial arts performed by Johnny Cage was pretty great as well. Overall, this was a great preview into the Machinima web series, Mortal Kombat Legacy. I cannot wait until season 2 starts in September.

7. Raven vs Eddy Gordo

Yes! I said to myself a year prior to watching this movie that the only person that would do this role any justice is Crowder. I know Eddy fans were happy because not only does Crowder look like Eddy but he can really move like him. Darrin Henson did a great job as Raven as well. This actually made for quite a great scene as both were good fighters showing Capoeira and Ninjutsu. Out of all the battles of the Tekken live action film, this was one of the best scenes.

I cannot wait to see what’s in store for Crowder in the future. I hope his new film, Favela, shows off his acting range and you get to see more about Brazil on a number of levels.

What are some of your favorite Crowder moments on film?

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