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Over the years, the Karate Kid films have become the stuff of legends. These movies have probably done more than anything else to get both kids and adults interested in martial arts. The first Karate Kid movie, with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, was released in 1984. It proved to be so successful that it spawned three sequels and was followed by a remake almost three decades later in 2010 that starred Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. The story of an underdog learning how to defend him or herself with the help of a wise master in order to defeat their enemies is a timeless lesson and an inspiration to many people.

The Karate Kid films are also full of spectacular martial arts moves and fight scenes. Here are some of the best fight scenes from all five of these films:

1. The Karate Kid (2010) Final Fight

The 2010 remake has many parallels to the first Karate Kid movie including this final fight. Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) has advanced in the Kung Fu tournament and now faces his worst opponent, the ringleader of the gang of bullies who has been taunting him and harassing him at every opportunity. Dre faces him with a severely wounded leg, only to get another cheap shot to it. Dre is able to come back and win with a spectacular kick.

2. The Karate Kid 2 Final Fight

In this sequel to the first film, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi are in Okinawa, Japan. There, Daniel makes new enemies and friends. Unlike in the first film, the final fight does not take place in a tournament, but as Mr. Miyagi says, it is for real. When his love interest is threatened, Daniel must take on his opponent alone. His karate skills are put to the test and his crane kick does not work this time. Daniel, however, is able to summon his courage and once again defeats his enemy.

3. The Karate Kid 3 – Dojo Fight Scene

In third film of the Karate Kid series, Sensei Kreese is back and looking for revenge on Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. Kreese believes that Daniel’s victory in the tournament is the reason he lost the Cobra Kai dojo. Kreese and his allies do everything they can do get Daniel to fight in the tournament again, and one of Kreese’s cronies trains Daniel in cheap fighting techniques. When Daniel changes his mind, he is ganged up on and Miyagi fights the three attackers. Who wouldn’t want to see more of Mr. Miyagi fight and then make fun of his opponents?

4. Jackie Chan Versus a Gang of Bullies

The 2010 remake of the classic takes place in China, and Jackie Chan plays a Kung Fu teacher/maintenance man mentoring young Jaden Smith. In this scene, Smith is attacked by a group of bullies and Jackie Chan comes to the rescue. What makes this an excellent scene is that Jackie Chan’s character uses his martial arts knowledge to defend and not to attack. The way he fights means that in the end the bullies essentially beat each other up.

5. The Crane Kick – The Karate Kid (1984) Final Fight

It all comes down to this in the legendary first Karate Kid movie. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) finally faces his hated enemy Johnny who has done nothing but make his life miserable. In this final tournament match, Daniel already has an injured knee, and the match goes back and forth before Johnny attacks the injured leg and Daniel goes down. Daniel, in obviously a lot of pain, gets back up and crane kicks Johnny right in the head. Daniel wins the tournament, and the fight is one the most well-known in cinema history.

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