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Daniel Bernhardt is a Swiss martial artist with an extensive resume in action roles and stunts. He’s one of those no nonsense type of guys that really knows his stuff on screen. From his roles as Alex Cardo and Agent John Keller in the Bloodsport series, Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded, and Siro in Mortal Kombat: Konquest, he’s built up quite a reputation as a solid action star you need in your camp. We take a look at some great solo fights and compilations of his stellar action roles. Enjoy!

1. Alex Cardo vs Beast

Bloodsport III was Bernhardt’s second movie in the Bloodsport series. This fight was pretty solid being the classic David and Goliath type of battle. Bernhardt plays a character named Alex Cardo, who fights in the Kumite to seek vengeance for his dead teacher. He ends up in the finals with a freakishly huge competitor named Beast. Beast seriously pummels Cardo to the ground, but the match is far from over. Cardo remembers his training and the discipline it took to get to the Kumite in the first place. However, he went into overdrive after thinking of his slain teacher. He was able to persevere despite Beast’s physical dominance. Bernhardt showed good technique with his kicks in this scene.

2. Alex Cardo vs Ayindi

This is another good scene from Bloodsport III. I love the dynamics between Cardo’s more traditional based kata while Ayindi displayed more of a Capoeira style in his ground moves. It’s always good to show opposing styles onscreen to see how each side responses to movements and tactics. This was a dead even match showing the prowess of both fighters. However, Cardo showed he could adapt to the lower attacks Ayindi displayed. Cardo was able to find different openings and overpowered Ayindi. He even used a low sweep maneuver to show he’s diverse in his move set as well. This was a pretty dynamic scene from Bernhardt.

3. Death By Ballpoint

In any type of series, there has to be an awkward way someone goes out. Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite shows the perfect example of this feat. Bernhardt is back as a new character named Agent John Keller, an agent who goes undercover in a tough prison and gets involved with a secret tournament. Keller shows why he’s such a bad man in a fight to the finish.

A ground fight is something no one wants in any type of situation. Keller was in a mean hold that looked like it was the end of his run. However, he found a ballpoint pen and stabbed his adversary in a very effective desperation move. This helped him win the match. Kudos to Bernhardt for showing anything can be used in a fight with no rules.

4. True Vengeance

There were a bunch of great scenes in True Vengeance. As a matter of fact, get a pizza with some of your friends and enjoy this high-octane action. Out of all the scenes shown in this compilation, there’s bound to be one you enjoy. A slick gun brawl is fine and dandy for those that love that type of macho action. However, my favorite scene was Bernhardt sneaking up on the guard leading to a quick kill. That was a really nice move to open up this clip. Bernhardt showed why he could be great for covert operations in this flick. It also shows his diversity in close quarter combat with the different grabs and submissions. Enjoy!

5. Global Effect

If you are into serious gun play, this is a good clip countdown with over 20 fatal attacks. While Global Effect was not one Bernhardt’s greatest films, the action scenes were quite brutal. There were also good close combat scenes that were well put together. Enjoy this short but explosive set of action scenes.

6. Siro vs Tomas

This is personally one of my favorite scenes in Mortal Kombat: Konquest. Bernhardt plays a character named Siro, an ex-guard for Reyland Imports. Tomas was actually a contestant for Mortal Kombat but was unable to attend due to his village being in dire circumstances. Kung Lao, Siro, and Taja were a bit suspicious because they were looking for good fighters to represent Earth in the next tournament. Tomas practically came out of nowhere.

Tomas proposed a sparring match to show his worthiness. Siro stepped in to show Tomas a thing or two. However, it was Tomas that showed Siro a great lesson in humility. Both fighters were showing off great moves, speed, and dexterity. However, Tomas just had more skill and a crazy arsenal that Siro couldn’t shake. Siro’s overconfidence and frustration led to his dislocated shoulder. Great scene from Bernhardt.

7. Shadow Priest vs Kung Lao and Siro

This is another great fight from Mortal Kombat: Konquest. Shao Kahn sends one of his shadow priests to take out Kung Lao. However, the shadow priest didn’t expect a double team with Kung Lao and Siro. The shadow priest actually held his own against both fighters, but was clearly outmatched when Kung Lao stepped it up. Kung Lao performed a fatal flip kick maneuver that knocked the shadow priest out to oblivion. Bernhardt showed some good techniques and choreography in this fight.

8. Black Sea Raid

All I have to say about this compilation is you’ll be mind blown from the explosive content. There are machine guns running amok, a bit of martial arts, crazy grenade attacks, and more. Bernhardt plays a renegade CIA agent who has a special force team to rescue a nuclear scientist. While the story is a bit played out, the action will keep you glued to your seat. Enjoy these explosive scenes from Black Sea Raid.

Bernhardt is definitely one of the top notch martial artists in the movie business from his choreography, stunt work, and his leading action roles. Most recently, he’s scheduled to play a role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire , The Vatican Tapes, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. As you can see, he’s stopping no time soon. Drop a note below and tell us some of your favorite Bernhardt scenes.

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