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Before all of the Chuck Norris jokes started appearing online and on posters, this guy built quite the reputation as a serious martial artist especially in the realm of karate. He’s been in a number of roles since the 70s and still has a reputation as a standup kind of guy. Here are eight great moments:

1. Walker, Texas Ranger Kicks Butt

Man, Patrick Kilpatrick must love playing the bad guy but I guess he didn’t realize that Norris woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Norris goes in with a simple but effective array of kicks as his foe breaks through the glass. A nice short and sweet scene from Walker, Texas Ranger.

2. Don’t mess with Chuck

Norris is one tough cookie in Delta Force II: The Columbian Connection. When you come with a knife toward Chuck Norris, you still end up eating the ground. As you can see in this scene, Norris easily fended this guy off without the use of a weapon. Well, I guess an unintentional finishing blow with an impalement would count, right?

3. A Lesson in Humility

This was quite funny because we have Joe Piscopo (Master Kelly Stone) acting like a complete idiot by bragging to everyone he could beat Norris. Not only did Norris completely embarrass him while showing class, he gave him the most serious kick to the face. Let’s just say the ground did not help his fall. Here’s this great sequence from Sidekicks:

4. Chuck Norris vs. David Carradine

Norris and Carradine? Who saw this coming? In this last fight of Lone Wolf McQuade, things aren’t looking good for Norris as Carradine continues to pummel him with a barrage of punches and kicks. However, this all changes when Norris’ daughter gets a back fist to the face. Norris’ fury builds his second wind and he defeats Carradine.

5. Chuckie and A Ninja

This is by far one of Norris’ best fighting scenes. It’s a real treat to see him wield a sword in The Octagon. There’s a bit of everything in this scene such as hand to hand combat, swordplay, and grappling. Great scene.

6. Bar Brawl

You can never go wrong with a classic bar fight. Norris dukes it out in an all out brawl and takes no prisoners. In this scene, Norris takes a square punch to the face. He’s unfazed by the attack and dishes it right back. Watch this crazy scene from Firewalker below:

7. M.I.A.

Norris has a great fighting scene in Missing In Action 2. He plays a character that has the heart and will to fight even after some big fights, terrible living conditions, and a lack of food. I love the kicks and some of the take downs he does in this film.

8. Chuck Norris Joke

I had to end this on a less serious note. If you’re a fan of the Chuck Norris jokes, you’ll definitely get this scene. With all the pure macho guys on the screen, you could not leave Chuck Norris out of Expendables 2.

What were some of your favorite Chuck Norris films? Leave a drop below!

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