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Imagine a guy who was Mr. Hong Kong, knows several forms of martial arts, trained with Bruce Lee and actually taught HIS son Brandon, and once swam from mainland China to Hong Kong … is pissed-off at you.

Good luck in your next life.

Bolo Yeung (birth name Yang Tse), born July 3rd 1946 in Guangzhou, China has been a recurring presence in martial arts films for over 30 years. His bodybuilder frame and martial arts prowess combine to give him the ultimate “bad boy” appearance, which he has capitalized on repeatedly during his career.

He came to the attention of the Shaw Brothers when he began teaching bodybuilding in Hong Kong (having left mainland China’s oppressive Communism) and began his career appearing in The Wandering Swordsman as “Unicorn Du Kuo Lung” …

He appeared in a dozen more films after this, including 1973’s Chinese Hercules, where he pretty much just destroyed anything with a pulse – boys, women, old men … he’s the honey badger of martial arts!

His roles gradually became bigger, until his big break in Enter The Dragon

A somewhat apocryphal story is that Bruce Lee chose Bolo for the role as the top-gun of Master Han (Shih Kien) based upon their appearing together in a Winston cigarette commercial (!). Good luck finding THAT footage.

Of course there is the great final fight scene as Chong Li in Bloodsport with Van Damme … he was 42 years old when he did this part …

In Cung Le’s 2007 movie Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter Yeung was 61.  Here he is doing part of a Yang Taijiquan form (love this clip!) –

Here he is yet again in Expendables 2 – freakin’ 66 years old!!! The man just does NOT age – he’s an Immortal!

For you Van Damme nuts here’s another  clip, this time from Double Impact

Finally, here’s a quick clip from 2011, when Jean Claude’s son surprised Dad by inviting Bolo to a family meal at a restaurant – some great moments here:

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