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In every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match, or even in a real fight for that matter, there is a good chance that your opponent will take you down, forcing you to fight on the bottom. When that happens, it is very important to know how to improve your position by sweeping your opponent and getting on top. That is why we have decided to gather up 6 of the simplest, yet extremely effective sweeps BJJ can teach you. Keep in mind that all of these can be performed with or without a gi, and all of them would surely come in handy not only in a BJJ match but also in a street fight as a method of self-defense.

Having practiced BJJ competitively for quite some time I have learned all of these techniques and some of their variations. I would advise you to practice them with a partner numerous times until you learn them. They will feel clunky and unnatural at first, but you will quickly get the feel of them after some practice, and the more you do it, the more effective the technique becomes. Eventually you will get to the point where you will constantly hit these techniques in most of your BJJ rolls. Therefore, get to training! any of these could really get you out of a sticky situation someday.

Hope you enjoy the list!

1. Pendulum Sweep.

The pendulum sweep (also known as the flower sweep) is a very basic technique from the close guard that everyone should learn. This sweep is very important because it teaches you how to escape your hips and how to use your hip movement to off balance your opponent. In fact, the hip movement concept alone is very important, since it can be used to set up many different sweeps, arm bars and omoplata entries. The video teaches one variation of the pendulum sweep, but I would advise you to learn at least a few other variations, such as the pendulum sweep with the opponents arm across the body and the one from the gift-wrap position.

2. The Scissor Sweep

The scissor sweep is an excellent, high-percentage sweep that you can master with just a little bit of practice. Keep in mind that this sweep is easy to perform when your opponent has a narrow base, however, when your opponent has a wider base, you can push his knee and hit the sweep that way.

3. The Regular Butterfly Sweep.

As Stephan Kesting said in the video, if you are going to learn the butterfly guard, you have to know this sweep. This is one of the most basic sweeps in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and it is very effective, even at the black belt level.

4. The Sickle Sweep.

The sickle sweep is a very basic sweep that can really catch your opponent off-guard if performed properly. In a real fight situation, this sweep could save you from getting pounded by the guy on top, putting you in an advantageous position in which you can try to pass his guard or just ground and pound him. This video shows you a couple variations of the sickle sweep and a couple of drills you can use to improve your movement.

5. Half Guard Foot Grab Sweep.

I wanted to include a simple and effective half guard sweep in this list and here it is. Ideally, when I find myself in the half guard, I either try to take my opponents back or move to positions such as the closed guard or the butterfly guard. However, as demonstrated in this video, sometimes your opponent secures an over-hook, making it very hard to take their back, when that happens this is one of my go-to sweeps. Practice this sweep, and you will hardly ever get stuck in the half guard again!

6. Hip Bump Sweep.

The hip bump sweep (also known as the sit up sweep) is a bread and butter closed guard sweep that I personally hit a lot. The cool thing about this sweep is that, not only it is very effective, but it can also be a great set up to a lot of different attacks, such as omoplatas, kimura locks, triangle chokes and guillotines.

What are you waiting for? Get to training! Let me know which of these sweeps you liked the most!

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