Martial Arts Videos

Ross Brooks

Ross is a freelance writer from the UK who likes to keep people entertained and show them things from a new perspective. He's practiced martial arts since the age of seven, starting out with taekwondo until his early teens, then going on to experiment with MMA.
9 foundation flips and kicks for extreme martial arts fanatics
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While there are a lot of traditionalists in the martial arts scene, it's also important to acknowledge that there are many people who want...
8 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission Videos
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Right, so the first thing we're hoping is that you didn't come charging into this post just to tell us there is no such...
Donnie Yen Most Brutal Fight Scenes
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Donnie Yen is one of those martial artists who probably doesn't get enough praise for what he does. We couldn't tell you why that...
12 Judo Throw To Sweep Your Opponent Off Their Feet
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For a martial art that literally means "gentle way", some of the techniques aren't all that gentle. Since it's humble beginnings in Japan around...
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What sets Taekwondo apart from a lot of other martial arts is the fact that it uses a lot of kicks. Don't get me wrong,...