Martial Arts Videos

The website was initially launched at the end of April 2012 under the domain name After a month, I secured the domain that I had been trying to get for months. My original plan was to create a website that published original articles on martial arts every week. Due to travelling South America, I did not have time to sit down and write unique articles every day. Therefore I simply shared martial arts related videos from YouTube on the site. Over the course of a year, over 10,000 videos were shared on the site.

The site was a great place to find martial arts videos, however it did not represent my original vision for the site. I wanted unique articles that all martial arts fans would enjoy reading. Articles that would entertain people and bring together martial arts fans from around the world. At the start of June 2013, the website was relaunched. 10,300 articles were deleted, 18 remained. It was a new beginning for the website.

Every week we continue to publish unique articles for martial arts videos. Martial arts is part of who we are and we hope to share our love for it with the world.


Kevin Muldoon

Owner of MartialArtsVideos