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Legend has it that there are warriors that lurks in the shadow. It is a popular idea that these warriors has the ability to appear and disappear, tossing dust in the eyes of the enemy, darting in with a concealed weapon, before leaving with a smoke screen. Time passed by, as they keep the art shrouded with mystique, the legend grew until they’ve almost reached folklore status. The Ninja – embodying methods of cunning and sneakiness with skills unhampered by preconceived rules of combat or fair play as they ploy techniques that is greatly influenced by self-preservation, became the dreaded spies, assassins, and scouts during the feudal period of Japan.

This means of survival then became an art in the name of Ninjutsu. Adaptation, improvisation, mental or emotional distortion, and misdirection were all parts of the Ninjutsu’s repertoire. With unconforming techniques, the main focus of the art is to gain mastery on reliable attacks and counterattacks most likely to occur in a one-on-one or on a mass-scale encounters.

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Is Ninjutsu effective?

Many have debated on how Ninjutsu’s unorthodox approach to combat can be applicable and effective in real-life situations. As how Ninjas are being portrayed on TV or comic books, we can’t blame people to jump into conclusions claiming that Ninjutsu is an art focused solely in deception. Whereas most mainstream disciplines are focused on strengthening the mind, body, and soul.

We must remember that Ninjutsu is not just about sneaking around and attacking people from behind. It has a very simplistic approach, as it actually coalesce different disciplines that practices vast amount of techniques in grappling combined with joint manipulation, striking that focuses pressure points, and weapon mastery. Most of the time, it is the person who practice a certain discipline who is responsible on why they have failed to defending himself. It all comes down on you, as a martial artist, want out of your art. Ready to be a Ninja now?

With all the myths and conceptions uncovered, we now present to you the 10 Lethal Techniques You Can Learn from Ninjutsu:

1. Destroying a Punch

This is a good way of defending yourself and avoiding unnecessary actions to hurt your opponent furthermore. Striking your opponent’s triceps will surely leave their arms numb for some time but before that you need to adjust the orientation of your wrist to improve the angle of the strike making the knuckle more likely to puncture through.

2. Hook Punch Takedown

Talk to the hand! After successfully defensing himself, the martial artist immediately follows up with a debilitating face smash pushing him off balance and dropping the aggressor to the ground.

3. Escaping a Body Grab

There are many techniques on how to from a body grab. But I would say that this technique is the slickest of them all. With proper timing you can immediately create space between you and the attacker. Enough space to slide down, leaving a punch to the groin, and ending it with a throw.
No more hugs, bro.

4. Wrist Lock

An easy way to pin your down opponent and limit his actions is by twisting his wrist while holding the elbow as you maneuver forward. Followed  by locking the opponent’s arm against his torso before pushing him to the ground. You can then break the elbow if needed. Ouch!

5. Breakneck Throw

This technique provides a good finisher after a clinch. From the name itself, you would already assume that this can potentially injure a person’s neck. A powerful throw like that will surely leave anyone dazed and unwanting to deal with you again.

6. Elbow Lock

By using your arm combined with your body weight as a leverage, you can force an attacker to fall onto his head and shoulder. Not painful enough? You can do necessary actions such as joint manipulation to keep your opponent to the ground.

7. Thumb choke

Try pressing your thumb to your throat. Bad idea right? Well, this will definitely not choke anyone out, but this technique will surely make your opponent re-think on what they’re trying to do. Puncturing your thumb to your opponent’s throat as you pull their arms can cause severe pain, enough to make them retreat.

8. Knife Defense Disarm

So someone pulled out a knife from his pocket, what should I do? You can grab the knife and twist it out of the man’s grip. Followed with a heavy blow to the back of the hand and a lock to subdue the enemy.

9. Hand Gun defense on Front

We’ve already gone through the Knife, but the worst is yet to happen! Against guns, Ninjutsu offers a lot of option in disarming the aggressor. Stunning the aggressor with a quick kick to the groin can be a good initial response. If that is not enough, you can do variations of hand twist to gain more leverage to the gun and to avoid strength-against-strength struggle. Keep the muzzle pointed away from your body at all times.

10. Hand Gun Defense from Rear

Forcefully deflecting the muzzle as you turn around is the most important part in executing this technique. As you grab the gun, the attackers natural reaction is to pull to regain control of his weapon. By following the same technique used in Elbow Lock, you can keep the assailant immobile and disarmed.

Timing, speed, distance, and awareness are all essential in disarming a weapon. Practicing the techniques in each hand is important. Remain focus and keep control of your emotions, as your body language alone can escalate an already emotionally charged situation. Yes, it will never be easy to keep calm, but the more you practice, the better chance that you could remain calm during untoward incidents. Once you’re ready to react, pay close attention to details and try to take full control of the weapon first before executing additional actions.

Reminder: Ensure your safety first before using the techniques concerned about disarming a weapon. It is a matter of life and death. You’re not just getting punched if ever the technique fails. Not all techniques about disarming a weapon is proven to be 100% effective, and not all martial arts instructor have faced a weapon in real life. It doesn’t matter how strong your counter attack is if you haven’t taken care of your self.

I myself, no matter how much I train involving weapons, would definitely assess the situation carefully before even thinking of possible reactions. Accept that you’re in a screwed situation, if it is just for money, then just surrender it and stay alive. It is always best to avoid getting into threats on the first place.

A certain level of training is essential for practitioners before being able to execute these techniques with great effectivity. As complicated as it seem, using these techniques without learning the principles behind it may deteriorate oneself and the art of Ninjutsu.

Before we end, I would like to leave you with a question: If someone had a gun pointed at you, how would you react? To defend or not defend, let us know by leaving a comment.

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